This product is designed to cover an individual's personal assets.

Some examples of sections covered by your personal insurance are as follows:

Household contents
(All contents of the private dwelling)
Comprehensive cover of all losses relating to the household contents.


All risk items
(Cell phones, iPads, GPS, notebooks, jewellery, clothing and personal effects etc.)
All risk cover of any loss both at home and away from the premises.

Comprehensive cover for loss or damage to the building including fixtures and fittings.

Motor vehicle insurance
(private vehicle, motorcycle, trailers, caravans etc.)
Comprehensive options available to cover any type of vehicle for all classes of use.

Water Craft
Comprehensive options available to cover water crafts such as motor boats, sail boats and jet skis, among other things, whilst on land or on water.

Personal Legal Liability
Cover where you could become legally liable to pay damages for death of or injury to any person or damage to their property.

Vehicle Liability
The section can be taken on its own and is known as third party only cover. Damage to your own vehicle however will then be excluded. This cover is automatically included for vehicles insured under the vehicle section

Water Craft Liability
This cover is automatically included for a water craft insured under the water craft section. It covers death of or injury to others, or damage to their property, caused by your craft.

Extended Personal Legal Liability
Choose this section to enjoy even wider cover and higher limits for personal legal liability and liability that results from the use of vehicles or water craft.

Emergency Roadside Assistance and Household Maintenance cover – 086 111 2267
Prestige Assist is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. This value added product is available at a minimum rate and even includes advanced household maintenance

SASRIA (South African Special Risks Insurance Association)
This extension provides cover for riots, strikes and public disorder.